Hello U-10 Parents –
We had a strong showing this weekend from your child’s team. Like fish to water, new players seeing game action for their first time were Aiden, Duke, Gavin and Sebastian. They got in the mix with ease.
Gavin anchored the outer edge just like I had asked him to do. He tackled well and forced the opponent back inside. When he had the ball he ran straight and hard. Duke was able to start to feel the flow of the forwards game. He was pushing hard when he entered into a ruck or mall. He has a natural way to be right at the center of the action. I’m certain that this season he will find a lot of ball. I’m eager to keep working with both of them. Brothers Aiden and Sebastian showcased their experience and seemed comfortable. Aiden is a load to take down, and Sebastian makes kids miss. They both scored multiple times. Sebastian and Aiden were very attentive to instruction and incorporated the spirit of sharing the ball. I was proud of them. Aaron, our veteran