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U12 Match report

By Coach Tim, 02/05/18, 5:15PM PST


Another fun morning of rugby was had.  Great job to all U-10 players and boosters.

Orca had the presence of two players that were not in S.B. last week.  That made a difference for them.  Orca rucked better and passed the ball well.  They were gracious to host us, and I appreciate that parents made the early journey.

BUT…  Man we are a fun team.  The boys are starting to understand positioning.  I put Duke and Laird on the two outsides, and they knew exactly what to do.  Especially Duke.  He had the short side of the field pinned down and didn’t let the ball go to the weak side.  Freddie is back with a bang and found the try zone for the first time this season.  He rumbled up the right side before touching down.  Right on Freddie.  I’m figuring out good positioning for the boys, and I’d like to see them run more in “space.”  That means defenders are not too near.  That’s where we see more passing, ripping and general ball transfer.  So, next week we will make an effort to play to space and have player support.  Their skills and awareness are developing.


We will work with Sebastian more at scrum-half and have Travis play 1st receiver (aka. Stand Off).  The idea is for Travis to be vocal and set the back line.  Then, they can try to work the ball down the line.  Gavin will play a middle receiver because he has a good quick pass.  He can run it right up the middle to draw defenders then flip it out.  He will see more ball opportunity this way.  A passed ball technically should move faster than a body.  By passing down the line we can create overlaps and take advantage of the gaps that are created.  Jack’s kicking is really improving and he forces the team deep on kickoffs.  Aiden and Aaron anchored the front well.  They are solid players.  Aaron is a force, but he needs to find ball a bit more.  When he does find it he advances it aggressively, straight and well.  His defensive mentality takes over when he hits the ruck or mall.  I’ll teach him what to look for to acquire more possession.  He needs a try!  Aiden had a good match, finding the try zone and the following direction well to be first to the ruck and push.  He seems content to carry the ball up the middle.  We will keep feeding it to him up front and let him go.  It takes multiple defenders to corral the guy, so he always creates overlap when he carries.  Laird and Sebastian easily scored multiple tries.  They’re true speedsters that can get us a quick score around the edge when needed.  I just have to ask.  


Laird was “Stingray Player Of The Match.”  Well Done.  


Feb 10. – AWAY -  Santa Maria

Feb. 17 – Presidents Weekend   No Games

Feb 24 – HOME - Santa Ynez